SCOOP Celebrates Black History Month

SCOOP Celebrates Black History Month
by Sarah Odedina

Why a Black History Month issue? Black people have been in the UK for many hundreds of years and their contribution to building our country and culture has been immeasurable. Sadly often that contribution is under-regarded and ignored, and this, combined with the routine prejudices faced by Black people, means damaging inequality.

By publishing our Black History Month issue every year we are taking the opportunity to celebrate and praise and recognise and look forward. It is by positively asserting the contribution of Black people to the British way of life that we can challenge some of the negatives: we can show young readers that scientists, doctors, inventors, artists, writers, musicians and many other professions draw from a diverse and brilliant group of people. We can offer the opportunity for children to have role models from across all walks of life and all backgrounds. We can give children aspirations and ideals and we can normalise those brilliant achievements and assert the right of all people to be the things that they want to be. We can upturn the stereotypes that suggest Black people do not take these roles in our society.

In every issue of SCOOP we try hard to include a diverse range of writers and illustrators and stories that reflect a wide range of lives. In October every year we choose to create an issue that is created by Black writers and illustrators with editorial that focuses on Black lives. It is our way of ensuring that young people get to see people like them being celebrated and people who are not the same colour as them being portrayed as they are: important members of our society worthy of respect and dignity. 

It is a joy to create this issue and always thrilling to have the chance to share great stories, to find out more about Black history and to celebrate the everyday contribution of Black people to our lives.