Dear Lovely Scoopsters,

We are thinking of you all so much in this surreal time. Staying at home can be lovely in many ways but it’s so important we have things to do and we keep busy and engaged, for our minds, our bodies and our spirits. So we have put together a list of a few ideas of things to do and people to watch and other places to go for activities to do at home. If you have any more great ideas please do share with us and we can share on social.

We hope you all keep safe and happy.




Authors and Illustrators to follow on Instagram:


Audio books apps and websites


Fitness, mental health and being outside


General Activities:


Some great websites:

For Science: and


Stop motion videos:


Create and publish your own books and comics:

Bedtime stories: Goodnight with Dolly


our own SCOOP ideas:

  • Please write to us at with book reviews, illustrations and cover designs to see your work published in the magazine or on our website. Remember to mention your name and age when you send!
  • Coming soon: printable mini magazines to make yourself and great activities from James Doyle. 
  • Choose a theme every day to draw/sculpt/paint and then at the end of the week create a gallery at home 
  • Interview family members at home and on skype and create a story or poem around what they say
  • Learn a poem a week
  • Have a disco
  • Write film and book reviews. Tips here: