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Scoop is a bi-monthly digital and printed magazine for children 7+ (Key Stages 2 & 3) and is a fantastic tool for teachers and tutors who believe in the joy of reading and the power of storytelling.

Each issue is based on a theme and we bring together an incredible host of renowned writers and illustrators who create original fiction, articles, poetry, puzzles, comics, games, activities and more.

Past issues themes have included Black History Month, Feminism, Innovation & Technology, Music and Sound, Our Planet. We explore everything from punk to painting, from science to poetry, from super-natural phenomena to playwriting. Our aim is to offer children a way into ideas and subjects through the very best and original story-telling, design and illustration. The content educates through passion, curiosity and a unique mix of styles and voices.

We also love to publish work from children themselves so please do look at our Scoop Club page if a child you know would like to take part.

SCOOP offers schools not only a 10% discount on subscriptions for parents but a £1.50 donation to the PTA for each new subscription.

Parents can not only inspire their children to read for pleasure at home but support their PTA simultaneously.

If you would like to set this up, please email us your PTA’s contact details and we can have the code activated immediately with flyers to distribute in book bags or via email.


Resources for Teachers

Every issue we supply 3 x complimentary resources for teachers created by John Doyle, an award-winning primary and secondary teacher who also devises learning resources for The Guardian, BBC Bitesize, Pearson and numerous others. These activities are created on the theme of the corresponding issue and help bring the pages to life in an educational activity.


SCOOP offers School Workshops and Assemblies that follow a theme that either aligns with one of our issues or selected by the school or organisation that fits to your curriculum. Please email for further details.



Raymond Briggs, Catherine Johnson, Tom Whipple, Jacqueline Wilson, Chris Priestley, Nicholas Bowling, Laura Dockrill, Emerald Fennell, Celia Rees, Nadine Wild-Palmer, Joan Aiken, Sir Tom Stoppard, MG Leonard, Michael Foreman, Piers Torday, Neil Gaiman, Cathy Brett, Neil Gaiman, Chris Riddell, AF Harrold, John Agard, Piers Torday, Abi Elphinstone, Catherine Johnson, Sharna Jackson, Maz Evans, Malorie Blackman, Ruby Tandoh and the Black Curriculum, Jacqueline Wilson

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