The Future

The Future
by Clementine Macmillan-Scott

Now we have reached the end of the year, ironically it is a time to try to look forward. It has been a crazy and maddening year but one thing we might all agree on is the need to look to children for their perspective.

In creating our next issue all around ‘The Future’ we very much felt we needed to ask our readers and our audience to take part. In a first for the magazine, we have not just one guest editor but a whole school.

The pupils were asked to send in their ideas around the theme of the future and we also ran a poetry competition and a debate.

In all honesty it was a sobering moment when the ideas and the poems came in as we had a huge mix of world views! Some of the poems asked us to look into a world where robots had taken over and the planet was in tatters but we also had some very beautiful voices writing about hope and one of these was selected as our winner.

The whole school came together to give us their feedback on the pages of the magazine. As always, the kids who read SCOOP have an amazing understanding of design and content and these pupils really picked up on the way we were presenting ideas. Future magazine editors and designers in the making.

This had to be an issue about the future that lies ahead for our readers more than anything. It is an issue about the way things are changing, from Covid through to climate change. It is an issue about how as humans we have always needed to look forward and how even though the future feels uncertain now it has always felt this way, and it has always been shaped by people of strength and imagination – from politicians and writers to a young boy walking home.

I can’t wait to see this issue in the hands of children and their families, dreaming of what lies ahead and making plans for their part in the future.